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Llado Sur

From Cala Pada we drive for about 20 minutes until we reach the group of Llado Islands.

A great dive! After a 20-minute trip by speedboat, you reach two small islands off the coast from Cala Pada in the east of Ibiza. The more southern of the two, Llado South, has waters rich in fauna and a surprising underwater landscape. We dive towards a large crevice that crosses the whole island from 3 m up to 15 m. The walls are constantly covered sponges, crustose anemones and other plankton traps due to the constant swell.


At the end of the approximately 5 m long passage, the view opens onto a bizarre cliff. Countless monkfish dance in the crystal-clear blue water in front of the rocks, among large schools of brasses.

For the divers, however, the most impressive thing is probably the large number of barracudas that are regularly seen here. If you remain as calm as possible and hold your breath at the right moment, you can get within a few centimetres of these impressive animals.

If you dive to the foot of the scarp at 30 m, you will be rewarded with moray eels, conger, lobsters, bear crabs, octopus and cuttlefish, and can encounter huge schools of mullet! Between the big rocks you can also spot scorpion fish and here and there a forkbeard.

To end the dive, we recommend circling the island in shallow water, back to the boat.

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