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Llosa de Santa Eulària


  • The reef of Santa Eulària
  • The tower fragments lie between 6 and 15 metres
  • 3 different dives are available
  • Diving depths: 5 m - 50 m

The reef between Isla Eulària and Isla Redona is not a good place for lighthouses - the authorities have finally realised this after two of them sank in the same place in recent years. Good for the divers, because in addition to the already fantastic spot, there are also remains of the lighthouses to be seen. A buoy on the surface warns of shallows.


Dive 1

  • Anchorage S/W point reef plateau
  • max. diving depth 24 m
  • Fish stocks: Moray eels, conger, groupers, scorpion fish, squid, barracudas and many other schooling fish.

Dive from the anchorage (6 m) in a southerly direction. Dive site in a terraced shape sloping down to 24 m, with many rock formations, crevices, overhangs and holes. At 20 m, you can find wreckage remains of a ferry ship that sank in 1918. Many moray eels and conger eels have nested in these wreck parts. Amphora remains can be found again and again.


Dive 2

  • Anchorage as TG 1
  • max. diving depth 30 m
  • Fish stock: moray eels, conger, scorpion fish, mullet, various groupers, large groupers

Dive from the anchorage in a westerly direction. Terrace-like diving area dropping to 30 m with impressive steep wall, rock formations, crevices and holes.


Dive 3:

  • Anchorage south (approx. 50 m) of reef plateau
  • max. depth 37 m
  • Fish population: see above and large tuna / bonito

At the anchorage, descend in a southerly direction. Dive from 24 m into a sloping dive area down to 37 m. At 24 m there is a large light buoy which sank in 1955 and in which some fish have settled.

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