Llado Sur

To the East of Ibiza, two offshore islands can be reached after a 20 minute trip with our zodiac. The island to the South is a beautiful dive site with a rich underwater world. In a depth of 3 meters, a crack in the rock allows us to dive through the island to the other side. The inside of the crack is covered with gorgeous sea anemones and sponges.



Once through the crack, we are at the edge of a cliff going down to a maximum of 30 meters. Myriads of fish, including Chromis chromis, Coris julis, Thalassoma pavo, Sarpa salpa, fill the waters and also swarms of Barracudas tend to glide elegantly through the blue sea. Descending to 30 meters, divers can further find moray- and conger eels, crayfish, and locust lobsters. Furthermore, stone fish and pulpos are hiding underneath rocks and in small cracks, waiting to be discovered.