Plataforma "La Marina" - Formentera
The trip from our dive center takes around 45-55 minutes with our zodiac .

„La PLATAFORMA“ is FORMENTERA’S most famous but also most spectacular dive site.

It is a former fish farm that has been used barely 2 years. In winter 1994/95 this dropped due to lack of maintenance. It consisted of two hexagons, which were braced with nets were where dorado (bream) bred. It is located between the islands Espardell and Espalmador. The upper platform is inclined at an angle of 90 degrees. The top side part is located 11m below the water surface, the nterste to 32m on the sandy bottom. There are also the remains of the second hexagon, and the pillars which supported the upper structure. The sunlight falls through the honeycomb openings 4 of the platform and covers the entire scene with a mysterious light and shadow.
At anchor rope it goes for the "experienced divers" down on the top strut and from there to the remains of the second hexagon. A circling swarm of barracuda can often hundreds divers approach with a conservative approach to on arm lengths. Between the pipes, steel beams and concrete blocks, there are a wide variety of bream, sawing and writing perch. The emergence occurs along the beautifully vegetated side bars to anchor line.