Wreck "Don Pedro" (car ferry)

Around 5 o’clock in the morning of June 11, 2007, the DON PEDRO sank after a collision with one of the “DADO”-rocks. Luckily, no one was harmed in the accident. On board, 40 trucks were transported to the island. Rescue divers worked for many months, closing off fuel leaks and removing poisonous substances. With a length of 146 meters, the ship is located at 40 meters depth, with the highest point being at around 23 meters.


After the boat has anchored at one of the 3 moored buoyes, there are two possibilities to dive at this wreck without the need for deco-stops.

The first option takes the diver left toward the back of the ship. Diving down, one comes upon the approximately 8 meters tall propeller. A little further, the diver finds the stern flap from which the trucks inside the wreck can be viewed. The next stop is at the bridge, but due to safety reasons, all entrances and windows are barred. The interior, however, is visible.


The second option leads towards the front of the ship. After reaching the foredeck, the dive takes you to the side propellers and then continues to the bridge. As the way is longer, the remaining time to view the bridge is a little shorter.

Characterization: Wreck
Minimum requirements: CMAS ** or AOWD
Depth: 20-40m