A first step towards becoming an advanced diver, the (Grundtauchschein??) provides you with a basic theoretical knowledge and practical skills for diving both with and without scuba gear..

 Theoretical and practical classes, complete scuba equipment, exam, logbook

Only 315,-€


DTSA* /BRONZE*/OWD (age 14 years)
With this certification you are on your way to become a good and safe dive-buddy. It also allows you to continue your scuba education – maybe even towards becoming a dive instructor. Completing this course makes you an internationally acknowledged scuba diver.


-including the (Grundtauchschein)
-5 dives in the Mediterranean Sea
-complete scuba gear
-ID-card, exam fee, logbook


 Only 495,-€


A tip for all diving enthusiasts.

Since we perform the training CMAS are included in the price already 5 open water dives that other organizations may be complete in such training only 4 dives with professional accompaniment.




Adiitional courses and specialties

. DTSA**/SILBER On your way to become a confident diver!
. DTAS***/GOLD An experienced diver with the ability to lead a dive group!
. DTSA**** Become an assistant instructor 
. Specialty “Orientation"
Learn to navigate under water, specify your location and guide your dive group by natural orientation.
. Specialty “Leading a group"
You will learn about the theoretical elements of guiding and leading, as well as gain practical experience under water.
. Specialty “Rescue”
Knowledge about preventing dive accidents as well as the actions required when an actual accident happens.



As representatives of the internationally recognized diving association CMAS (Confédération Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques) we offer not only the fun of diving, but also internationally acknowledged certificates. The high quality of our training is certified by the EU.