For the past 20 years we have been offering special courses for children. By utilizing games, children from the age of 8 years or above are brought closer to diving. After having succeeded in the first course, they can participate in an advanced course which will allow them to experience the under water world first-hand (2-3 meters).


KTSA Bronze / CMAS Junior* Kids Course from 8 years

- 4 x practical-module (pool)
- 3 x theory modules appropriate for children
- complete scuba equipment (special sizes for kids)
- kids dive certificate

only 125,00 Euro!



Cource with the buoyancy

only 130,00 EUR
Pool, sea, theory


KTSA Silver / CMAS Junior** Advanced kids course (from 10 years)
followed by a dive in open water

- practical training in the pool and in the sea (3-4m)
- children-oriented theory
- free-water dive in the sea (3-8 meters)
(NEW: incl. dive insurance)

only 145,00 Euro!


KTSA Gold / CMAS Junior***    On demand


Where do you get such a child diving course for this price?