Bronze/CMAS-Junior* - *** (see CHILDREN)                           Internationally recognized, playful training in both theoretical and practical skills and knowledge, 7 moduls, certification and logbook

125,00 EUR

Basiccourse/DTSA/Basic Diver (age 12 Years)
Complete scuba equipment, 10-12 training hours in both theory and practice, exam fee, 2 dives, dive insurance, training materials

315,00 EUR

Bronze*/DTSA*/Openwater Diver (age 14 Years)
Basic Diver, complete scuba equipment, 5 free-water dives, boat trips with our cutter, exam fee and certification, Dive insurance

495,00 EUR

Bronze / DTSA* 80,00 EUR
Silber / DTSA** 105,00 EUR
Gold / DTSA*** 115,00 EUR


 (includes theory and practice exam - but not the dives)

 For the courses (Basic / CMAS *) the fees for the UNDERWATER nature reserve are INCLUSIVE.